Our Team

Michael Dennis


Michael is an Army veteran whose extensive career spans entrepreneurship and business operations across diverse sectors, including telecommunications, software development, and government services. His military background provided a strong foundation in discipline and strategic thinking. 

Steve Camacho


Steve is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel who brings a wealth of experience in operations and analysis from his distinguished military career. His expertise in strategic planning and leadership was honed over years of managing complex military operations and leading diverse teams under challenging conditions

Mark Beaman


Mark is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel with a robust background in budget analysis and finance. Throughout his military career, Mark specialized in managing substantial financial resources, ensuring fiscal discipline and accountability across various departments.

Bubba Pingleton


Bubba's the master of security and the guardian of all gateways. With a piercing gaze that penetrates through firewalls and a mind sharp enough to slice through the most tangled of networks, Bubba is uncompromising in a world of relentless threats.